Healthy Waterways
Oxley Creek

Summary of 2011 Results

Some improvement but remained a fail due to ongoing poor turbidity, nutrient and dissolved oxygen concentrations. Algae concentration remained fair.

Overall Overall compliance of the bay area, including ecosystem health indicators and BHR.
Chl-a Chlorophyll a: a pigment found in photosynthetic organisms
DO Dissolved Oxygen Concentration: a measure of the oxygen in a waterbody
TN Total Nitrogen: dissolved and particulate form of Nitrogen
TP Total Phosphorus: dissolved and particulate form of Phosphorus
Turb Turbidity: a measure of light scattering by suspended particles in the water column
BHR Biological Health Rating
Increase Increase in compliance from previous year
Decrease Decrease in compliance from previous year

A description of the indicators and methods used can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Site Number Location
Site Description
4200 Oxley Creek
Oxley Creek 0.3km from mouth at Pamphlett Bridge
4201 Oxley Creek
Oxley Creek 3.1km from mouth
4202 Oxley Creek
Oxley Creek 7.0km from mouth at Cliveden Avenue
4203 Oxley Creek
Oxley Creek 9.2km from mouth
4204 Oxley Creek
Oxley Creek 11.1km from mouth at bridge on Ipswich Road