An Integrated Waterways Information System

The Health-e-Waterways project is a collaboration between The University of Queensland, Healthy Waterways and Microsoft Research. The aim is to develop a new waterways information management system which will provide a significant advance on current information technology and accessibility.

The system has integrated multiple water information databases generated through the Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program and which are hosted by a variety of government agencies and research organisations. This will allow science, policy-makers, management and the general public the ability to search and query water information through a single online interface.

Ecosystem Health Report Card results are generated dynamically via an online map interface connected to the underlying databases. Users can now quickly access both current and historical Ecosystem Health Report Card grades for the waterways of South East Queensland.

Map of South-East Queensland


iPhone App: Get the 2012 Report Card iPhone App
Download the free app 2012 Healthy Waterways Ecosystem Health Report Card by Healthy Waterways Limited.
Event: 2012 Report Card Launch
The 2012 Report Card launch is fast approaching. Don't forget to save the date!
Event: 2011 EHMP Report Card Launch
The official launch of the 2011 Ecosystem Report Card results will take place on Wednesday 19 October. This event will see the release of the third online report card published through Health-e-Waterways.
Event: EHMP Training Session
Come to a free, hands-on Health-e-Waterways website training session on 19 July 2011 and improve your access to Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program products. You'll learn about the EHMP, Health-e-Waterways, requesting EHMP data, accessing monthly estuarine marine reports, and how to update management action details.
Event: 10th International Conference on Hydroinformatics
The 10th International Conference on Hydroinformatics will be held in Hamburg, Germany, on 14-18 July 2012. A special focus of this conference will be the assessment of the impact of climate and environmental changes on our aquatic environment as well as the development of suitable adaptation and mitigation measures.
Event: 14th International River Symposium
The 14th International Riversymposium, 26-29 September 2011 in Brisbane, QLD will explore the multiple reasons that rivers are valuable ranging from economics through to cultural and spiritual values. There will be a prominent focus throughout the conference on natural disasters and their value to rivers and waterways, due to the recent events that are being felt across the globe and specifically in Queensland.
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